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Burglary is an upsetting experience. It’s not just losing personal possessions or items of sentimental value, it’s the thought of your property being violated that’s also distressing. 


Installing an intruder alarm system is an excellent way to deter opportunists – it reduces the risk of would-be criminals accessing your business or home premises.


Please check out the below video which gives you a great overview of the alarm system we install including all of its great features:

AJ Security Solutions Alarm Video

AJ Security Solutions Alarm Video

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Alarm notifications

An audio notification will be sent straight to your smartphone if your alarm goes off.


Up to 4 different zones

We can customise your alarm with up to four different zones giving you protection of your property whether you are home or away.


Set remotely with a key fob

Take away the stress of trying to rush in or out of your property without setting the alarm off. Now simply press one button on a key fob to set and unset the alarm from outside the property.


Wireless technology

No need to run cables or cause disruption to your property. Our alarms are completely wireless.


Pet friendly

The alarm systems we install are pet friendly providing they weigh less than 24kg.

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